Gary Miller

Gary, programmer and tech wizard, used to be a rocket scientist. Literally. A rocket scientist. At NASA. When he grew bored of the challenges inherent in the field of aerodynamics, he moved back to his homeland to take on a new challenge: Working at Yamamoto Moss, managing a network of 150+ computers and an IT team of 5, [which allowed the firm to become one of the most technologically savvy design firms of its time,] Gary made another smart move: He left and started his own business, MillerMultimedia, a company that helps entrepreneurs do business on the web. When Gary’s not writing code or turning graphic design masterpieces into functional, interactive web sites, he can be found in his workshop finishing his handmade kayak. Next spare time project in the queue: completing his altitude record setting small-scale rocket.



Recent Work
  • Alice O'Brien Foundation
  • Atritech
  • Country Joe Homes